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PostNukeRP โ€“ r134
Eldar Storm - May 18,2015 16:56

More fixes and some changes and cleanups.

I have removed some of the redundant itembase code. I have also added a new function that will replace some places were FindItemID is used. It is a shared function. I also moved some of the shared item related functions from shared.lua to itembase.lua. Rest should be covered in in the patch Notes.

Patch Notes:

  1. Added new function PNRP.SearchItembase( ent ). Will replace FindItemID in many places
  2. Added new ent variable ent.crafted. Seperate crafted items from spawned
  3. Added new Itembase variable AllowPunt. Punt block overide.
  4. Fixed issue with Voice Limiter
  5. Sawblade is now AllowPunt Overide

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PostNukeRP โ€“ r133
Eldar Storm - 13:18

Few more bug fixes.

Patch Notes:

  1. Fixed Error with Bulk Item Boxes
  2. Fixed door ownership
  3. Changed default Tool settings to 4 (All)
  4. Fixed Pod Controller not being dissabled when no fuel

I have also updated Wire, Wire Extras, Advanced Dupe, and Adv Dupe 2.

Note on Version Numbering

The version number method will probably change eventually, well at least after the gamemode is uploaded to GitHub. I am planning on uploading everything to GitHub, but it will be after PNRP has made it farther though the overhaul. The SVN on Google is now outdated, and still has some of the old exploits in it as well as the issues with Network Variables, so its not exactly stable.

Why wait?

Well there are several areas in the code that need work. Parts of PNRP were coded during some of the more broken periods of Garry’s Mod. Due to that there are some rather messy workarounds. Reason for some of the duplicated areas in the code, the inventory system for example.

When will it be uploaded?

Will be a while. With Lost’s work schedule and everything else I have going on we both dont have as much time as we used to, to work on the code. We will be working on it however our schedule though. We still have many changes and new additions planned for PNRP.

How can I help?

Report bugs and suggestions are always welcome. I can not really stress the bug reporting enough really. If you find any bug, please report them on the dev forums. I will try and patch them up as soon as I can. I have also added a Bug Report thread on the PNRP Steam Group. PostNukeRP Steam group is open, so anyone can join it. If you do not like using forums, posting here isย  a good alternative.

Find a Exploit?

PM them to me on the forums, or in Steam if you have me on your list.ย  You should also be able to PM me though the PNRP Steam Group.

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PostNukeRP – r132
Eldar Storm - May 13,2015 21:47

This update will not be on the SVN due to Google shutting down their SVN service. I will eventually be moving PNRP to GitHub. Once moved I will post the location and update the SVN links and info.
Rather a large update of sorts. Due to Garry’s Mod changing how Network Variables work, it basically broke a lot of systems within PNRP. I have changed PNRP over to Mista-Tea’s netwrapper. The netwrapper code is not included in the gamemode.

I have also patched ASSMod to use the new wrapper, thus extending its life a bit longer.

This update also includes the start of the over haul I have started on PNRP. The advantage with this is that I no longer have to work on two separate copies of PNRP, and do double the work.

Patch Notes:

  1. Added useable Ladder (Created by LiddulBOFH).
  2. Converted Most ConVars to the Database. Some of these still replicate to a convar as needed.
  3. Spawner settings are now per map and will use default settings when not set.
  4. Outside check now looks for HitSky, this should fix issues with large caves and buildings.
  5. Car inventory can now be access from using the ammo box on the back of the Jeep.
  6. Replaced Network Variables with Mista-Tia netwrapper link
  7. Fixed Community Names not displaying on players on in TAB menu
  8. Fixed storage and lockers being broken into by their owners.
  9. Fixed ownership issues of some props.
  10. Increased the height of player names.
  11. New zombie (nexbot) is included in the new code, but only spawnable by admins with overrides on. (This zombie can lag the server if it encounters a ladder)
  12. Several other fixes related to Network Variable conversion.

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PostNukeRP Hotfix and Reporting
Eldar Storm - Mar 11,2015 11:55

So far so good with the update. The server has been running stable for the past couple of days. It is still possible that something could have been missed however. If you find a bug please report it on our Dev Forums and we will get a fix out for it.



PostNukeRP Downtime and GMod update
Eldar Storm - Mar 09,2015 17:17

Garry’s Mod released a large update today, and it seems to have broken parts of the gamemode.

I am working on patching the issues and will have the server back up soon.

PostNukeRP – SQL Hotfix and Update News
Eldar Storm - Feb 23,2015 0:55

Due to a SQL Injection exploit the PNRP database was compromised. In other words, most everyone’s profiles were messed with as well as the community tables.

The patch uploaded to the server should safeguard against any further attempts. The downside is that the server database had to be wiped.

Update News

This has delayed work on the new update a bit, but not too long thankfully. Originally we were talking about doing a wipe with the new update. Since I am really against wipes I will be putting extra effort into some one time use functions that will convert players info to the new system.

One of the changes that we are working on for the next big patch is a change to the inventory system. With the new system we are planning on items storing their stats and such.

As a extra treat I will mention one other plan. The knife will no longer be a default weapon with the planned update. The current fist weapon will be the default, and the knife will be a craft weapon. So a heads up, I wont be converting the knife into players inventory.

When will the server be back up?

I should have the server up tomorrow afternoon/night. Its late here, and I dont want to bring the server up without being able to monitor it if there is a issue.

ADHD Version:

Database reset thanks to idiots exploiting the server. Eldar fixed the issues and will bring it back up tomorrow.

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PostNukeRP Status Update
Eldar Storm - Feb 04,2015 10:59

Posting a status update of the gamemode.

I know it has been a while since we have done work on the PostNukeRP. Both me and Lost have been really busy with Real Life stuff.
That being said, now that the crazy “End of Year” stuff that always seems to come up is done with (For the most part) I should have more time to work on PNRP.

Lost should have some free time coming up as well.

What new stuff will we see?
Not much for a bit. You will see us in the Dev server more, but alot of our work is catching up on fixes and code reworking we have had planned for a while.
True, once we are done you will notice some changes. For example I will be tackling the menu system. So expect some changes on were you get to some stuff. I will also be working on methods to optimize our Dema windows to prevent duplicates and such.

Many other changes will be back end and you may not see them. Other than some optimizations.

Some of the code on the back end of PostNukeRP is a bit old. Garrys Mod has seen alot of changes over the years, and the height of PNRP development was when GMod seemed to break every few weeks. Due to that we have had to use some unconventional methods to make the code work, and it was not changed to a more streamlined method when GMod stabilized.

One good example of this is the IsValid() command. At one point this actually broke rather badly, and in the early days it was not always reliable, so we had to use other methods.

Once we get alot of core systems reworked we will start reworking some of our systems, such as the spawner and inventory.
In fact we will be implementing something that has been suggested a while back and something we have wanted to do. Persistent items. For example, if you pick up your broken miner, it will still be broken.

Thats about it for now. Will post more info as we make more progress.
I may also post some progress on my Twitter and may on my Tumblr blog as well. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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Merry Christmas
Eldar Storm - Dec 25,2014 3:42


PostNukeRP Hotfix: r130
Eldar Storm - Nov 30,2014 1:13

Quick Hotfix

Patch Notes

-Vendor Exploit Fix

Happy Halloween
Eldar Storm - Oct 31,2014 17:03

Happy Halloween

Remember to prepared for any contingency.

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