Bugs and Suggestions

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All Bugs and Suggestions have to be posted on one of the following locations.

We do not accept bug reports or suggestions via PM, Chat, or Other Pages/Trackers.

Bugs and Suggestions must be posted in one of these locations to be worked on or considered.

Before reporting a bug or suggestion, please search and make sure that the bug has not been reported yet.
If the bug has been reported, you can post additional info or comments on that post. If the post is locked, create a new one.

Bug Reporting

Please include the following
  • PostNukeRP Version (If not reporting other than from Official Server)
  • Server Name
  • Date and Time of the bug
  • Any Errors
  • Include error from server log or server console (if possible)
  • Explanation of Bug or Issue
  • Include any other info or screenshots if needed
  • If you are using the Issue Tracker, set the Type to Defect
  • If you are posting on the Dev Forums, include the following in your Subject
  [Server Name][Bug] - Short description

Submitting a Suggestion

Please keep the following in mind.
  • Please try and keep all suggestions within the theme of the Gamemode
  • We encourage suggestions to be posted on the PostNukeRP Dev Forums
  • If you do post one on the Issue Tracker, set the Type to Enhancement