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Shiny New Testing Page

Please do not edit the preexisting contents of this page.
It's a mock space I made for other page setups to format correctly.

Welcome to the Official PostNukeRP Wikipedia!

Please bear with us as the wiki undergoes construction!

Rules of the Wasteland

When on the Official Server, Postnukerp.net, please follow the

Official Server Rules.
By playing on the server you agree to the rules listed on the rules page. If you break these you can/will be banned.
The official PostNukeRP server is NOT a RDM/KOS Server

New to PostNukeRP?

Feeling a little sick from that pesky radiation storm?
Headcrabs got you feeling down, and/or wounded?
No idea what you're doing in a post apocalyptic wasteland?
Have we got a deal for you! Try our Newbie Travel Guide today!!!

SVN Central Hub

For those wanting to run a PNRP server, look no further!
All of the info you should need is right here. PostNukeRP SVN

Links for PNRP and TBU

All of the Links related to PNRP

Tbu Main Site TBU Forums
PNRP Main Site PNRP/Dev Forums
FAQ Patch Notes
PostNukeRP SVN

Contributors to the Wiki

The Wiki currently has 303 pages, and has been editted 1,348 times.

Remnant John

PostNukeRP News and Such

January 19, 2013 - SVN Version 1.1.0 Released
Read the full Patch Notes Here.

Added Events
Added Pet Headcrabs
Added New Pulse Rifle Weapon
Added Turret Programmers
Fixed Bugs

Bugs and Issue Trackers

All Bugs or Suggestions must be posted on one of these sites before it will be considered.

For more info, visit Bugs and Suggestions