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There are a few different ways to produce power in PNRP.

Fuel Powered Generators

Gas Generator
Nuclear Power Generator
Fusion Power Generator

Naturally Powered

Solar Panel


After powered is ready to be produced, use the "Power Linker" under tools in the gmod Q menu to wire your machines together.
When the machines are all wired properly, you can then turn them on by walking up to them, pressing the "use" key, and selecting the appropriate options.

Storing Power

The only item capable of storing the power produced in the wasteland is the Battery.
A Battery may only be charged by the Battery Charger.
This tool, once charged, can power any machine for a limited amount of time.
The amount of charge a machine will take from the Battery solely depends on the units of power required to run it.
Once a charged Battery is depleted, it will no longer give power to the machine and shut it down.

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