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Health is the player's life force, and without this vital essence, your character would die instantly.
The health bar can be decreased by taking damage from Weapons, Enemies, falling from great heights, or suffering from starvation.
The Scientist is the only class that can make effective items to maintain a player's health. The Cultivator can cook some foods to restore small amounts of HP.


Endurance measures the amount of fatigue that your character can endure.
The more this bar is filled, the more your character is able to endure without sleeping.
To fill this bar, you must be inside of a building and press the "sleep" button in the menu, or type "/sleep". To awaken, type "/wake".
If this bar is completely drained, you will pass out due to fatigue until you have enough energy to get back up.
The Wastelander is the only class capable of upgrading the exclusive Endurance skill to increase their maximum endurance.


Hunger simply shows how hungry your character is becoming.
To fill this bar, you must eat some form of Food.
If this bar is completely empty, your character will begin to starve until they are fed.
Although many types of food can only be acquired by trading with a Cultivator, some food has a chance to be found while scavenging for resources.

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