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Will input the previous patches later on.

PostnukeRP Version 1.1.1 (2013-04-07)
  1. Added orange liqueur
  2. Moved M82 files to correct location
  3. Fixed Breakin Bar issue with Locker, Stockpile, and Personal Storage
  4. Fixed Locker repair if over 50%
  5. Fixed AddNetworkString issues with Lockers, Stockpiles, and Personal Storage
  6. Added check to prevent more than 4 death zombies from a player being spawned.
  7. Fixed Salvage Exploit
  8. Added Events Settings to the Admin Menu
  9. Added Community Search Window
  10. Incorporated Community Admin into new Community Search
  11. Fixed Errors in the Community Window
  12. Fixed Community Invite showing the Community ID and not Name
  13. Fixed Dropped Ammo /salvage Exploit, can no longer salvage dropped ammo
  14. Fixed Multiple Equipment Window Exploit
  15. Fixed Vendor Resource bug with Admin Overide on
  16. Fixed Speep AFK exploit
  17. Fixed Suite Power/Armor resetting to 0 on class change or load
  18. Removed Spawn Grid Ent from the Q menu to prevent server crashes
  19. Fixed some issues with Gredanes and Charges
  20. Fixed PHX 2x1 Textureing
  21. Fixed Ammo loss bug
  22. Fixed Inside/Outside looking down bug
  23. Fixed placement Phys Gun time on stockpiles and lockers
  24. Fixed Voice Panel Icons not removing after player leaves
  25. Fixed network errors on Power System (Report errors if any still exist on power system)

PostnukeRP Version 1.1.0 (2013-01-19)
  1. Added Events System
  2. Added Pet Head Crabs
  3. Added Radiation Storm Event
  4. Added Pet Headcrab Event
  5. Added Combine Event
  6. Fixed Miners not needing to be owned to be used
  7. Admin Touch All overides Miners instead of Create All
  8. Fixed Power Update Error when Turret Target was null
  9. Modified Endurance Skill (10 level to 6)
  10. Adjusted Endurance Skill Cost
  11. Added /name command
  12. Added new Pulse Rifle Weapon
  13. Added new ammo type
  14. Added Turret Programmers
  15. Fixed Vendor Bug
  16. Converted 95% of the usermessages to net library
  17. Fixed RPName revert bug, where a nil RPName (for reverting to Steam Name) would error out.
  18. Added ErrorNoHalt death reports
  19. Added new Trade Menu and new Admin Trade Menu
  20. Added Delete Spawn Grid button to delete spawn grids from the database
  21. Added labels to the grid windows in the admin spawn grid menu
  22. Added ErrorNoHalt message to log when a admin changes the Admin settings
  23. Fixed decimal issues with sliders
  24. Cleaned up sliders
  25. "Send to Car Inv" button now uses slider to send bulk to car
  26. Fixed sliders in CNC and Workbench Menu
  27. Fixed Tool Check hook to use ASSMod's tool restriction if ASSMod is present
  28. Fix radio drop, as well as radio not having a world model
  29. Backpacks should no longer give an extra charge
  30. Fixed Storage and Vendor bug with deleting excess items.
  31. Removed debug number from storage when picking it up.
  32. Fixed some spelling errors and info

PostnukeRP Version 1.0.0 (2012-12-08) [New Version System]
  1. Fixed Eng skill discount rate for individual Item construction
  2. Fixed Radar Bug
  3. Added more checks to disown script init
  4. Added check for stockpile remove
  5. Fixed some more slider issues
  6. Vendor, items added to existing will now just add the items and not ask to change the cost
  7. Fixed Vendor name nil when making a new vendor
  8. Reduced the cost of new vendor and storage profiles
  9. Deaths are logged into the logged file
  10. Power Linker now shows Required Power on tools
  11. Fixed radios
  12. Fixed Pitch Bug on Super Miner
  13. Blocked wire turrets and igniters
  14. Added AFK Command
  15. Added Dev Mode Command
  16. Added Turret Programmer
  17. Fixed Sniper Scope
  18. Added lag compensation to weapons
  19. Fixed WorldCache Issues
  20. Fixed Workbenches Tool
  21. Fixed CNC Tool
  22. Fixed radio not showing in the equipment menu
  23. Fixed pnrp_carinv exploit
  24. Fixed Drop rates
  25. Fixed exploit of Frags and Charges
  26. Cleaned up some folders and old files

PostNukeRP Version 49 (2012-11-26)
  1. Replaced Datastreams with new net code
  2. Old dcoloredbox.lua now included in gamemode
  3. Fixed, well pretty much everything. Everything broke from the upgrade.
  4. Fixed/Added Silk Icons. They are now included into PNRP, this allowes for more icons as well.
  5. Player Saved Data had to be reset due to the change in saving and the new profile system.
  6. Added Player Profiles, players can now have more than one profile.
  7. Added RPNames, you can now change your name in the game with /rpname "name"
  8. Fixed RPName Limit, now has a limit of 40 characters
  9. Fixed Item Ownership to work with Player Profiles
  10. Player data now saved to SQL
  11. Inventory now saved to SQL
  12. WorldCache now saved to SQL
  13. Spawn Node Map now saves to SQL
  14. Added Import/Export function to Spawn Node Map (In Admin Menu)
  15. Communities now saved to SQL
  16. Added Community Admin menu for admins to edit other communities
  17. Added Communitt Titles
  18. Added new player Label, now shows Name, Community, and Title
  19. Tab/Scoreboard now shows player Title
  20. Added Compas to HUD
  21. Added new HUD (pnrp_HUD 2) in console
  22. Prop Allowing will now overide the Item File block for models
  23. Fixed exploit of beeing able to make fake resources with E2 or any other model
  24. Construction system rewrite
  25. Processes system removed (Outdated and not needed any more)
  26. Added ability to Press E on resources to automatically swap to Hands to gather
  27. Progress bar added to Gathering
  28. Progress bar added to Construction
  29. Resources are now based on number of tries than number of resources when gathering
  30. Items can now be hidden from the Shop Menu (Oranges for example)
  31. Added Admin Create all to overide the Shop Hide option for Admins
  32. Fixed a problem with Bulk Build
  33. Added Bulk Salvage to Inventory Menues (Use the slider)
  34. Fixed the skill loading issue
  35. Fixed items from shop/invnetory spawning under the map
  36. Added Radio HUD Indicator
  37. Fixed HP not loading when a player loads
  38. Added the new Parts System
  39. Added ability for tools to require parts
  40. Fixed load error with keys
  41. Updated Food system
  42. Food now requires Items
  43. Updated Spawn system
  44. Fixed the Radar, ended up rewriting it.
  45. Added the new Power System
  46. Changed gas to be a Part nto Junk
  47. Gas cans can now be stored in inventory
  48. Added Color Panels
  49. Added Gas Generator
  50. Added Nuclear Generator
  51. Added Fusion Generator
  52. Added Batteries
  53. Added Battery Conductors
  54. Added Battery Chargers
  55. Added new Power Link Tool
  56. Added fuel componets for the new generators
  57. Added Grub Eggs, you now have to harvest these from Mounds to make grubs
  58. Grubs now have to be linked and fed for breeding
  59. Added grub food
  60. Added new Derma Look (New Textures)
  61. Added Personal Storage
  62. Added Vendign Machines
  63. Added Wasteland Radio
  64. Added Wasteland FM Transmitter
  65. Added Paper that people can edit and read
  66. Added Radar will now weld the GPR Dish to itself
  67. Added /carseat command to automatically spawn a seat on the car
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