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PostNukeRP Wiki

Welcome to the PNRP Wiki.

This area will be in a constant state of influx for the next couple of weeks. This page, and others, will be updated throughout this time.

Please hang in there while the edits take place. Thank you for your time.

Official Server Players

When on the Official Server, please follow the Rules. By playing on the server you agree to the rules listed on the below rules page. If you break these you can/will be banned.

The official server is NOT a RDM/KOS Server read the rules.

Official Server Rules


If you are new to PostNukeRP, please take the time to go through the Beginners Guide (Still a work in progress)

Getting Started for Beginners

PostNukeRP Game Info



Patch Notes

PNRP Main Site

PNRP Forums

PostNukeRP SVN

Report a Bug or Suggestions

All Bugs or Suggestions must be posted on one of these sites before it will be considered.

PNRP Forums or PNRP Issue Tracker

PNRP Wiki Contributors

Remnant John