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Q. Why do I see errors?
Make sure you have CSS, Half-Life 2, HL2 Ep. 1, and HL2 Ep.2 Installed and Mounted.
You can do this by clicking the controller on the bottom of your menu screen in Gmod, and making sure these are checked.
Our servers also use Wiremod, which can be found at Wiremod.com

Q. Why can't I play this map?
Sometimes the maps can't/won't download from the Gmod server.
Go to postnukerp.com/downloads to download them.
Some may have to be found in the workshop.

Q. Do we have a donations page?
Yes, you can donate hereor here
Donations to both locations go to the same place.

Q. Will donating get me special treatment, will I get something from it?
No, you will not.
For more info, read the Donation Rules listed on those pages.

Q. Can I get access to edit the WIKI?
The only people who have access to edit the Wiki are Official Server Admins / Owners

Q. Why cant others edit it? I could be helpful.
We always appreciate the offer of help, but due to past experience with other players we have had to make rules such as this.

Q. Can I get Member / Admin?
For info on membership or admin on the Official Server, see the Official server rules here.

Q. I have some rule related questions.
For all rule related questions, visit the rule page here.

Q. Can I get access to the Dev server to help out?
We only allow a select few to have access to the Dev server. The more people that have access the harder it is for us to work on code.
Please do not ask for access to the Dev server, if we need testing we will draft players / admins.

Q. How can I help with PNRP?
If you find bugs or issues, post them on the Dev Forumsor the SVN Issue Tracker.

Q. Can I get on the Dev team?
We do not accept applications for people to be added to the development team. If or when we do add anyone or are looking for someone we will post more info on the Dev Forums.

Q. Can I suggest code and where should I put it?
You can put code suggestions on the Dev Forums.
Please post any suggestions on the Dev Forums.

Q. How do I play PostNukeRP?
This Wiki has info on how to play the gamemode and how the tools work. It is still a work in progress though.