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A Radioactive Paradise.

Every one of these events has a chance to be triggered every so often.
Some may be beneficial to your character, just for fun, or be hazardous to your health.
There are also a few that are more elusive than others, and will not be placed on the wiki at this time.
Good luck!!

Radioactive Storm

The radioactive storm is a byproduct due to years of nuclear war.
A message will warn you when this event is about to begin, and you will have less than a minute to find shelter.
During this event, your character will begin to continually take damage while you are outside.
Your vision will also be blurred and discolored, making for a harder time to move across the wasteland.
The radioactive storm will generally last a good 3-15 minutes.
Afterwards, this event will leave you with an uneasy feeling, knowing that eventually the storm will catch you...


These events are rare and will randomly start on the server.
Be on the lookout for warnings and hints given by the console when these events start!!
Some of the events may start in secret so be on the lookout for those as well!
As of now there are 3 rare events.

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