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In Game Commands:

TAB - Main Menu / Player Scoreboard
F1 - Help Window
F2 - Pickup Item or Car
F3 - Personal Inventory or when looking at your car, Car Inventory
F4 - Shop Menu
F11 - Take / Release Ownership
F12 - Take Screenshot

Player Related Commands

Sets the player in AFK. You will not use Endurance or Hunger. You can still take damage while AFK. Can only use this every 15 minutes.
Creates and attaches a seat to your car.
/dropammo [ammoType] [amount]
Drops the type and amount of ammo. [ammoTypes = smg1, buckshot, pistol, 357, etc....]
/dropwep or /dropgun [Broken]
Drops your current weapon.
Picks up any cars that belong to you in the world.
Picks up the car that you are looking at within 200. You must own the car to pick it up.
/hud [number]
Changes your default HUD. Current Options are 1 and 2.
/rpname <name>
Changes your in-game name.
Saves your character's data.
Updates your in-game model. This is needed after you use the in-game model chooser to change models.
When the player's Endurance reaches a certain point the player is able to sleep. Players also get a bonus to HP recovery while asleep and the player will automatically wake back up when Endurance is full.
Wakes the player from the sleeping state.

Menu Commands

Opens the class change menu.
Opens the players inventory.
Opens shop menu.

Community Commands

Deletes your Community.
/invite "name" -- use quotes
Invites a player to your community.
Used to leave a community.
Creates a new Community.
/setrank "name" [rank]
Changes the rank of a person in your community.

Other Commands

Renames an owned pet when pointed at with crosshair.
Salvage a prop if Prop Cost is on.
Take / Release Ownership.

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