Beginners Playing Guide

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For detailed info, check the menu on the left.

The Quick and Dirty of it

Gather Resources
You will need these to survive, just press E (Use) on them and you will automatically try to gather. Resources spawn randomly on the map, see Gathering.
Be careful. Zombies, antlions, and some players will try to kill you. Just a tip, don't enter someone's base with a knife or weapon drawn.
Hunger and Endurance
Hunger is a pressing matter in the game, watch your hunger and endurance. Resources can spawn beans, but for the really filling food, see a Cultivator.
Build what you need
Nothing is free, you will need to build or buy from other players to get what you need. Not every class can make everything. You can see what classes can make each item in the Shop Menu (F4). More info on Creation.
Your inventory is saved on the server, all the items in your inventory can not be lost on death and will remain. You can access your inventory using (F3). More info on Inventory.
Your equipped items can be dropped on death. See how to recover them below.
When you die you will lose a % of your resources, plus you will spawn a zombie. In order to get some of the lost resources back and your lost equipment you will need to kill your zombie and pick your stuff up.