PostNukeRP is a Half Life 2 Garry's Mod Gamemode.
Developed by: Radioactive Cricket

PostNukeRP stated out back in November of 2009 and is based on a post apocalyptic theme. Players have a host of zombies and antlions to deal with while trying to scavange resources to build needed equipment. The gamemode has been built from scratch and uses sandbox as a base to allow players to ealisy build shelters and other needed structurs. Many items have been blocked from the spawn menu to either prevent griefing or have been reserved to the shop menu.

Gamemode Features

More Details
Spawning system:
The gamemode featurs a rather detailed spawning system that has evolved over the life of the gamemode. During the first time setup of the map, admins will be able to place Spawn Grids on the map with specific settings to customize what and where stuff will be able to spawn. These settings include toggles for: antlions, antlion guards, antlion mounds, zombies, and resources. There are two types of spawn grids, a inside and outside version. The indoor spawner can be linked to a door. If the door is owned by a player or if the spawner detects that there are 3 or more props within its range it will dissable the spawner. Outside spawners will do a trace from the skybox to the ground to help reduce the possibility of spawning misshaps. Both spawn settings will detect water and will avoid spawning on or in it.
After placement the spawn grid can then be saved to a file and the spawn grid entities removed. The gamemode will then spawn randomaly based on the settings on the zones.
If the spawn system does not detect a grid file for the map it will switch to the General Spawn system. This system is not fully reliable and has been known to spawn mobs or resources in odd places, including the skybox.

The Mob Spawner is able to spawn zombies, fast zombies, poisen zombies, antlions, and antlion guards. This spawner also spawns antlion mounds as well. The zombies that spawn will be randomly placed in one of 3 squades, this alows for some of them to comunicate with each other and bring reinforcements. All antlions not spawned from a mound are in one squade to help them work as a hive.
The Mob Spawner is also able to spawn antlion mounds. The number, rate, and spawn settings for these can be changed through the admin menu. These will spawn antlions and antlion guards. The antlions for each mound are set to thier own squade to allow them to work together better. The mounds themselves are able to send out a alert and recall all mobs linked to it once every 5 minutes if it detects a player or zombie within its range. If the mound is distroyed it will remove the antlions linked to it after 30 seconds.

The Resource Spawner basically works like the mob one. This system spawns the 3 resources randomly areound the map based on the spawn grid that is saved. Spawn Grids can be setup to only spawn resources in given areas.

Radioactive Cricket